kuma is a feature-rich Discord bot ready to enhance your server.
Featuring fun, meme, and moderation commands!

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kuma's Features
We provide you with high-quality features!
High-Quality Meme Commands

We use fast and powerful image fetching from the most popular meme SubReddits, so that you can enjoy your memes in peace and without delay.

Fun Commands

We are constantly working to add more fun and user-suggested commands to enhance our usser's experience with kuma. Have any ideas? Join our support server with the command ".discord"!


Now, we don't focus heavily on moderation, because of two main reasons. The first one is that we think that fun commands are better than boring moderation commands, and the second reason is that we know that there are better moderation bots out there that even if we try really hard, we won't ever be able to be better, so we dont really try. Though, we do have a few moderation commands to kick and ban members, and to clean up messages.

Dedicated Developers

We work very hard to give you the best experience possible. We are constantly hearing from our users and adding suggestions for commands. We usually spend an average of 12-18 hours a week developing kuma, and we don't plan on slowing down soon.

99% Uptime

We host kuma on an always online server and we know that nobody and nothing is perfect, so we say we have 99% uptime. The other 1% is... mainly when we restart the bot for a few minutes to add new features and while developing. If there is ever an outage, we will have it fixed as soon as possible.